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Is that 332278455 man is the 5th grade?? Those drawings are horrible! Anyway, why is this kid protecting insest?? You dont need punent squares and screwed up kids to argue this. Even if the brother and sister do have a kid and hes perfectly fine, he will have to go through the rest of his life that his mom is his mom and aunt, and his dad is his dad and uncle. Eventualy, all of the kids in school tormenting him/her will eventualy lead to the kid being a killer, suicidal, rapest ect. And the parents will never be execpted in society.
Ok, lets say that the kid/s of these brother and sister grow up to be fine. When they go out on a date, eventualy the date will meet the mom and dad. And if the date is smart enough, they will relize they look the same and book it. Resulting in the kid/s growing up secluded and in the dark. Do i rest my case that insest is wrong??
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