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Default Re: Water drinking death contest show taken off air

Do u guys think they should have been fired, even though the contestants sign papers making the radio station free of any fault?
Well she did willingly enter the contest, the thing that perplexes me is how could you not notice this "water intoxication" coming on. I don't think it is like a poison were it suddenly hits you, anyway here is some more news on the subject.

"Family sues Calif. radio station after woman dies

SACRAMENTO, California (Reuters) - The family of a California woman who died after participating in a radio station's water-drinking contest will sue the station, their lawyer said on Thursday.
Jennifer Strange, 28, a mother of three, died from suspected water intoxication after taking part in Friday's competition, "Hold your wee for a Wii." About 20 people tried to out-drink each other without going to the toilet to win a Nintendo Wii game console.
Sacramento station KDND-FM responded by firing 10 staffers, including several DJs. The DJs had joked about people dying from water intoxication and teasing Strange about her enlarged stomach.
"The station knew this was a dangerous and potentially deadly stunt, but flippantly dismissed the dangers," lawyer Roger Dreyer said in a statement. "Hearing the tape, it's very clear they knew of the dangers and could foresee that this could lead to Jennifer's death."
The station could not be reached for comment because its phone number was continuously engaged on Thursday evening.
Police are also investigating the death for possible criminal charges.
Water intoxication can prove deadly and cause irregular heartbeat, fluid in the lungs and swelling of the brain."

Do you think they have a valid reason for suing, Were dose personal responsibly take over?

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