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Lightbulb Re: How did you first find out you were gay or bi?

I have always had feelings for guys. Then when I started middle school, things got worse. I started liking guys and I was fantasizing over them. I still do but not as much. Most of my fens are girls, and they are so popular. They date all these HAWT boys and I get so jealous. I have two particular frens that are guys. They know my sexuality and are ok with it. I get so jealous when i see them with girls. One of them says he isnt bi but everyone thinks so. He is my best fren va and is someone i can relate too. He recently got his first girlfren who is my fren. Im so jealous. She knows and doesnt care about me liking him. But he doesnt know. Me and him go to the movies every friday night and we sometimes tlk on the phone while we are watchin the same show. Even though I know we arent going out, in my mind, our friday nights are like dates. Middle school is usually when you find out your sexuality. So i know how it is.
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