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life's a hundred years, hell is a lot more. killing yourself is murder. take your hell when you're alive, then live in happiness afterwards. opposed to end unhappiness, leading into even more unhappiness.
and i'm not gonna say life gets better, because i know just as well as you do, sometimes, it doesnt.
and i know, i dont know how many times i read these topics about one's life sucking and i understand that, my life sucks too, i've concidered suicide too, but i keep telling myself hell is a lot worse, and you can't get out of hell, thats the world you can't kill yourself to get away from. so i'll live 100 years being miserable, opposed to being miserable forever. whats life anyway, a temporary way of existing, as bad as it is, it ends, then after that you can be happy. but if you take the fast way out, you wont be happy, you'll be even more unhappy.

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