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On another note, I would also like to add this... why do you say this site hasn't helped you!? a couple of weeks ago you did a thread saying that you haven't cut in three months!! Here's my point: when YOU, Jessica [Last Name], want to do something, you just get into it... in this case you are doing exactly this... but totally wrong!! Jess, think about this: why don't you stop thinking about all this cutting and depression for a couple of weeks, and focus on something... just name it, a sport, counseling, school, whatever you want... sooner or later, you will be so focused about that, that you will completely forget about everything else!! If you are going to follow my idea of being a psychologist why not starting now by focusing on school!? I can bet that everyone will notice that you have been getting better grades than ever and they will be asking you how you do it and stuff... by here you are already helping people!! PLUS, you are having contact with other people, which is my whole point of this... you will have new friends! Remember tho, that this will take time, this won't be overnight. Just try it Jess, I don't want you to die!! I know you can do so many stuff you want! You have always changed VT's energy with all your charisma, and you always help people out... you would really hurt me if you suicided, and I'm 100% sure I wouldn't be the only one.

Just please Jess, don't do it

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