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Default sexual exaust/over masturbation--desprate help..

alright...this will be my first post
ok i'm 15 and ive been masturbating almost daily right? even tho i feel like it i would masturbate...because i feel bored. but ive just stop recently because i'm starting to have negative effect, and its really true...i've been urinating a lot and i dont even drink that often, like i would go to the washroom every period at school, and sometimes the teacher wont let me out and my balls will start to hurt or my stomach. My sexual drive is really low (dont get horny), back then i would get really realy horny wether if its a hot chick or an ugly chick, now if i look at a chick i dont feel anything but my penis would just errect. My hair starting to thin and fall off, and its really stressing me out because everytime it falls, i keep thinking about it and stress me a lot more. err what else...oh ya back then i was stronger and energetic i carry weights and go martial arts, but since i started masturbating i'm always soo weak, low energied, fatigue, and tired. another thing, im always depress, even tho there is nothing to be sad at, i always feel sad, if theres something happend bad to me, i would think a lot about it and think really really deep, and i cant seem to stop it even tho how much i told my self to STOP STOP STOP!! its driving me crazy!! and its messing my head!! well anyways...i stop doing masturbation but i would have frigin wet dreams... and i cant seem to stop it too and my semen is really really thin, back then my semen was a lot thicker. and when i have wet dreams, whenever i wake up, my penis and balls would hurt like CRAZY, hurts a lot, and its hard to walk because i would get errection every morning. its serously affecting my grades in school... and i cant seem to concentrate at class..grr!!!and i cant seem to remember things, like not properly, i would study really hard but cant remember it.and i started having a lot of acne, which is odd because i wash my face 3 times a day.<--- what everyone say about masturbating is healthy and has no side affects, its not true, if you do it often you would get negative side effects.grrrrrrrr! could somoene give me some advices to get my sexual drive/ limbido...and i went to some sites, there are medicines but they are expensive like 40 dollars and up. please...i really need help...desprate help...serously...i want this to stop and get back on track...*sigh* please believe me...

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