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I can relate, but my situation is a little worst

I met this girl and stuff in the beach... she technically fell in love with me when we met apparently... she asked me out and stuff, but please... we were 6 years old and I really didn't understand what a relationship really was... plus, I didn't like her.
We didn't meet for a couple more years, but from time to time she would call me and stuff... you could really see that she wanted me, but I was still young, and dumb, and I wouldn't understand.
Anyways, we started going out, going to the movies together, and I asked her out, because I really noticed I was madly in love with her, and so was she of me... we went out for a couple of months (yes, a couple of months) and she broke up with me because *she liked another boy*. I got so depressed when she broke up with me... I cried it for over 2 weeks, but I said to myself that I needed to move on... I didn't even think that our friendship would really be something after all the shit happened... hell it did!! Like 2 weeks before I went to America, we went out once more, you know, to meet, and see each other again before me leaving and not even knowing if we would meet again. She confessed me she loved me, and she didn't want me to go. I wish I could really do something, but I just couldn't, and living in Venezuela isn't really pretty, so I had to leave her! In the states we would talk like every single day, she would tell me that she misses me, she made me promise to see the moon every night and think about her when I could... I was completely in love with her, and I told her, and she told me she wanted to be with me, and stuff...... really this love grew up to a point that I'm for real that I can't stop thinking about her sometimes, and I just wanna have her for myself, and hug her, kiss her, marry her... but I just can't.... and I haven't seen her in 3 years... but I still love her so much.... *sigh*... AND PLUS! since I live in Italy, and she lives in Venezuela, we can barely talk... I have 5 more hours than she does, and plus she never gets online anymore... *sigh*

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