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Originally Posted by mRojas2000 View Post
C'mon Jess!! No matter how much you love that Bill dude you know I love you too!!
But really, you have a whole life in front of you. Me?? my life is also on the net... I technically have no friends in real life!! Oh dear, how much I would love to have anyone I could hang out with whenever we wanted. You are only 15, and you have a whole life still to come... maybe today its not very pretty... I can relate because lastly I haven't liked school here which is pretty much the only think I am here for, finish up school; I always thought in America about how cool it would be coming here and having tons of friends!! But it never really happened. I just live online. I have no life... yet.
You said you loved helping people... right!? Well why don't you finish up highschool and go to a psychology university!? If you really enjoy helping people in life, and helping them think about future you would do great!! You enjoy it which is the important part, you have helped tons of people here already, PLUS, you have experienced most of what really could *ruin* a life... that could make you one of the most precious psychologists ever, because you really understand people, Jess....

Please make me a favor and don't ever suicide... you would really, REALLY hurt me!!
He is exactly right..
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