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Default Re: Self Harm Calendar

Why was this unstickied?

I've started cutting again, after a very long time. Things have been so hard lately. Girlfriend of 11 months left me a month and a half ago. Because of that I was left broken and alone, no friends or anything to keep me company. Found another girl, we got together. Again, long distance. But my trust issues created from my last relationship fucked this one up and we didn't even last 1 month ( 2 days till 1 month ). I've failed every single class for the year this year at school and my mom said no summer school.( Freshmen ) Me and my mother nor sister get along at all. Everythings going downhill. I feel like packing my bag with food, stealing as much money as I can from my mom and sister and running away. I will not survive. But I don't care about anything at this point anymore.

Cut like 4 times on my upper arms. Not too deep because I can actually feel the pain, and it hurts.
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