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Default Re: Is it possible to turn from chubby to

Originally Posted by paki123 View Post
Yea i started doing that yesterday and today. i got back from my 15 minute jog. Before i left for my jog i had an egg and a glass of milk. I ran for 15 minutes and powerwalked home. I didnt have anything to drink yesteday or today. But today i jogged to 7-11 to get gatorade and turkey sandwich. THe 7-11 is like .69 miles away from my house so it wasn't that far away. Then i jogged home and got back at 8
ummm just an advice, dont eat before you jog, eat after. because see my father he eats and workout after, as a result he got apendicitis(not sure if thats how you speel it -.-). well anyways eat after you workout coz it repairs your muscle tissues, everytime you use your body in some sort of physical activity, your muscle tissues gets rip, and repairs and the tissues get bigger and stronger. and another thing, dont drink gatorade, water is a lot better, gatorade would only give you calories and it doesnt really help, coz i read an article about those power drinks, they are only full of sugar<-- and sugar is bad! lots of calories! ok!!
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