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Default Re: you guys know penis length doesn't matter?

2.5 inches? yeah right. Penis size actually does matter.
Speaking from someone who has been in a sexual relationship, a larger penis with a nice girth feels and is more attractive for gay males and females. I think it's great that you're trying to boost growing teenagers self esteem, but get your facts straight. obviously you have read of little sexual studies and have no knowledge or perception of how a girl or gay male truely feels. of course they say it doesnt matter, no one in the right mind would choose 4 over 6. 75% of marriages happen because 1 of the factors is to be able to have sex and not feel the guilt. It may be harsh, but big packages is what everyone wants. Small penises do not have the versatility and nor do they pleasure to the extent of large penises.
You're 15, your growing. your gf doesnt expect much.
how about being 25, with a 5 inch penis...exactly.
and your wrong about the vagina wall. a penis must be a least 4 inches to provide full pleasure. the most sensitive part of the vagina is the first 2 inches.
The whole vagina is over 4 inches deep. near 5/6. (varies)
Penis size isn't everything, but i hate when people claim that it doesnt matter because we all know that is such bullshit.

Also, regaurding females. It's pretty apparent at your lack of knowledge of them. The term slut has been tossed around way too much. Just because girls can get what they want (which any male woulddo the same thing!) does not make them a slut. I am a gay male, yet i know that girls usually have way more pressure to give sex. "Sluts" usually do not have great self esteems and they do not give sex for loads of attention or necessary pleasure. im sorry, but fuck you. fuck this. you're so mindlessly ignorant when it comes to the topic of sex.


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