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Default Re: marijuana legalization (us)

there has been one person in history to have Cause of Death labeled as Marijuana Overdose. She smoked over 6 joints a day for over 20 years. and she was in bad health for other reasons as well. anyway...the only lasting negative effect from marijuana is partial loss of short term memory, and not even a lot....tobacco is SO MUCH worse than marijuana. and...let me see. I did a 15 minute report on why this stuff should be legal...let me recall my memory.

1) Medical benefits much outway risks. Reduction of nausea, headache, blood pressure, anxiety, anorexea, and more. Already perscribed as a medicine to millions of people. Risks? a small chance of lung cancer after many, many decades. and unlike tobacco, this can be avoided by using alterntive smoking methods, such as a Waterpipe to filter many otherwise harmful effects (pot has a lot of tar). Marijuana is NON addictive in a physical sense. it is as likely you will get addicted to VT and TV and potato chips as it is to get addicted to pot.

2) Money waster. the united states arrests about 1.6 million people for marijuana charges. 80% of those are possesion related. 46% of the arrests are for marijuana. so, whats 46% of 1.6 million? 750,000. now, the average cost per prisoner in the US is 22.5k per year. so, 750k x 22.5k = 16.8 billion dollars. thats how much the United States is spending on keeping Marijuana violators in jail. Not to mention the $4 billion we spend on arresting people for it. Wow. $21 Billion spent on keeping a drug thats not harmful off the streets.

3) Public Opinion is not Against marijuana. In a study by Pew Research, they found that 35% of Americans have tried Pot. 75% of them are comfortable telling their children. In another survey of 1,000 people, Zogby International found that 47% of those polled said, out of the three, Alcohol was the most dangerous, 28% said tobacco was, and only 20% said marijuana was. 75% of Americans say we should legalize perscription marijuana. And heres the kicker: 50% of americans say that Marijuana use should not be a crime, but merely a sickness.

4) Hemp. There are over 25,000 different products that can be made of Hemp. Hemp comes from the same plant Marijuana does, Canabis Sativa. George Washington and Ben Franklin grew hemp. Hemp does not requre fertalizer, pesticides, much sun light, good soil, or trimming.It can grow almost anywhere. it grows fast. bt unfortunatly, this WONDERFUL plant they make everything from bags to shirts (im wearing one), to lotion to food to fuel, is illegal to grow and sell without a hard to obtain and expensive permit. Is this fair?! no.

Ok, thats just about all i got for why marijuana should be legal. is that enough?

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