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Default Re: How did you first find out you were gay or bi?

I think I am bi or else im just bi curious...... so anyways here is my story..
So me and my best friend wanted to hang out on a weekend.. We hung out that day did whatever played xbox. Then he wanted me to sleep over, and i was fine with that.. He has 2 couches in his living room and I slept on the one and he slept on the other. He wanted to play truth or dare out of know were. So I started with truth and he kept on saying dare. then he asked if he can give me a hand job, which this is my first time and i was attracted to girls. I said yes for some reason, well i was very horny. And he gave me a hj. it accutally felt really good.
I know he is gay but then the next week i got a girlfriend. im pretty sure im bi.
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