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Apparently judgement day is quite soon. This month actually. It says so on this website. Someone on tumblr wrote in response -

Lately I have been observing this running theme with billboards paid for by churches, with the underlying message of: “The world is coming to an end, you sinners aren’t going to heaven, unless you go to church and become saved.”

Well I’ll pack my swimsuit and sunscreen. Because if hell is the best reason why people should turn their life over to a Christian God so they can be one of the few chosen to be saved by ‘the coming’…

Then you must be blind to war, hunger, hate and corrupted power. Because to me that is hell happening right here, right now and no amount of scare tactics will ever change my mind.
"I am looking for individuals who believe the rapture is May 21, or less than two weeks away. I am about to be homeless, totally broke and in debt, and trying to feed my family and put a roof over their heads. I see this as an opportunity for those who no longer need earthly possessions to furnish the unfortunate like myself with survival necessities. I hope you understand my desire for a certain level of discretion and anonymity, at least until I find that you are truly interested in helping me. To be clear, this is a solicitation for money, housing, vehicles, property, assets, and anything useful that will help me afford the things I need to take care of my family. This will be important even for just the next two weeks, or beyond that as well."
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