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Question got cought

i gought cought at school to day masterbating,my friend saw and he told me that he wouldnt tell any 1,he came back to my home with me after school then he started asking me wird questions like:have u hade sex,do u masterbate,are u bio or gay.i answered them truthfully .i asked him the same questions ,then he asked have u seen an other boys dick ,i said yes ,he asked did you like it ,i said kinda(dick got hard when i saw them),he said to me do u want to see mine ...i said sure then he wanted to see mine ,i let him,he said after that can i see it hard (boner)..and he did.......................

he stared tuching it (i enjoyed it)i did it to his (hard at the time too)then we stared sucking each others ,masterbating each others as well

he said u want to do it 4 the rest of the week ,i said maby nexed week ( i need your help... am i gay ,am i a virgen,both of us enjoyed it no 1 nos except U!!!GIME SOME ADVISE,REMBER REALLY I ENJOYED IT I WANT TO DO IT AGAIN BUT AT THE SAME TIME I SAY NO.hi dick looks sssssooooooo good.

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