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Question Just another guy needing advice.

Hi, I havent been on here in a while, but now I have come up with a bit of a puzzle.

So a few months ago me and my gf Shy broke up, and it was really hard on me and her at the time, so one time we went to the movies just as friends, but then she made out with me. So then I asked her out and she said She had to get somethings sorted out and that I had a good chance of dating her again, so I waited, then she gave me an answer and it was no, because of some other guy. So..........I still love her but there is this other one girl named Alexa that I dont feel as stongly for as I do Shy, But I do still feel I LIKE her, I dont know whether I should give up on Shy who I really Love or try to move on to Alexa, (and if I did move on, HOW would I get her to notcie me?)
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