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Default Re: Advice for friends with OCD

I have OCD as well, and yeah, the more I tried to ignore it the "better" it got. Turns out, I was still engaging in my compulsive behavior (counting -more annoying than harmful-, hand-washing, and scab-picking), but justifying it subconsciously, and I didn't realize when it became unhealthy.
I would wash my hands so much that they became blistered and sore. Blisters turn to scabs. I'm a scab picker. I had to have my hands bandaged all the time until they healed. For me personally, it's easier for me to think about what I'm doing. I've learned to recognize a compulsive behavior, and when to wash, and when not to wash. That's not saying I'm perfectly okay now on any measure, I still mess up sometimes and get blisters from washing and sanitizing, but I'm doing much better.

As you said, it just depends on the person and their obsession or compulsion.
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