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Default Re: just swapped out my CRT monitor for an LCD


My monitor just died on me...the CRT that was on my brothers computer which he gave to me when he got the LCD

I turned on the computer this morning and noticed it was really I maxed out the brightness and all that to make it better and started looking up my email when out of nowhere there was a sound like a firecracker going off in my monitor and it shut down.

I pulled the power as soon as it did this and shut the computer down.

The monitor is getting power in the cord but for some reason its not getting into the monitor light or anything

thinking about it more...a firecracker sound is normally like a capacitor blowing up.....Now out of curiosity I have to look into it lol

Anyways its a good thing we didnt return that 17" LCD yet because I'll need it
im on one of the other desktops now

Why can't my desktop blow up so I can get a new one of those? lol

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