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Default Poems I've written!

Droning inside a hollow mind
Where bee's buzz and sting.
Yellow and black fur skin coats
hide their painful way of doing things.
Wild asylum of gray and red
I feel as though I'm dying.
Swollen; closed up tight--
I can feel my mind flying.
Through my pale blue eyes I see
the bees around are swarming.
Tears run rampid down my face
Mourning, mourning, mourning.
As reckless waters flood my sight,
I collapse as the bees surround.
As view of light deceases, as does life.
-Bee sting

Poison pines protrude
Solid green stems.
Razor-sharp edges
cut through flesh
like a winter's night.
Preying amongst the field,
the strawberry girl cries
a flock of birds soar down
scattered wings on the ground.

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