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Default Re: Drug Paraphenalia

there would be a lot more cool headed people, less wars, less poverty, less social unjustice...
Where's your evidence to support this?

Drug Paraphernalia should stay illegal because the point of them is for illegal drugs. Just because they are already doing it doesn't mean you should be excused from having it. You put the two pieces of the puzzle together. It doesn't make sense to have something that's meant for illegal drugs legal if they aren't allowed to have illegal drugs in the first place. It doesn't make sense and it's illogical. If you want drugs legalized that's a different story but as long as drugs are legal then drug paraphernalia should remain illegal. It's like saying CDs are banned but we'll allow CD players. They are linked together. The whole point of this is to make things easier for druggies to get what they want. If the government wants drugs illegal then it should't allow things to make things easier and promote the opposite of what it stands for.
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