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Default Re: Members Assembly

Oh thank you for posting this Alex...I'm flattered by the positvve feed-back.

So the group will have it's forum. It will be a private forum, only viewable by the staff, and members of the group. The group can discuss it in a new thread, a chat (a log of the conversation would be good), or on MSN, AIM, etc.

Thier will be a group leader, chosen by the group, based on who volunteers. When the group decides on an idea to present to the staff, they will make a sticky in their forum titled " Final Idea For Jan.15.07" or what everthe date is, and descirbe the idea.

The only thread staff can post in are the "Final Idea" threads. Then if the staff decides they like the idea, they will maybe implement it, or take to to the suggestions forum. If the idea is turned down, then oh well.

Any questions, concerns?

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