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Originally Posted by donkeymkong View Post
Soo again, why do people who know nothing about what they're talking about feel they need to throw in their 2 cents? I don't know how many times I have to say it, but uncircumcised penises are so much more sensitive than circumcised. Since they're less sensitive, they lose a whole lot of pleasure. That sounds like a negative side to circumcision to me.

And there is a pretty large movement against circumcision. There are many thousands of men who are against it and voice their opinions openly. Many of those men are those who are restoring their foreskins which, no matter what some people on this site say, is completely possible and has been successfully done many thousands of times. If you do a little research on the internet, you can definitely find this movement, as well as the foreskin restoration movement
And you really found it necessary to devote your signature to your little underground cause?

It's negative sure -- but it's trivial. A slew of men think uncircumcised dicks look revolting. Couldn't I consider that a negative side to being uncut as well? Besides, most men already fap enough, most with no complaints. I doubt they're really losing out on a whole lot by not having a heightened sensitivity as their end of penis.

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