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Default Re: is masterbating while being a christan bad?

Originally Posted by micim987 View Post
umm yea so im a christan should i be masterbating because i herd somewhere that you shouldent masterbate if your a christan

(im not that great of a speller)
I know that some pastors and teachers think that it's wrong to masturbate, but there's actually no where in the Bible that says you shouldn't. I'm a Christian and I masturbate all the time.

Originally Posted by daxter View Post
so I have a question. ever since I started jacking off, I've flexed my butt and leg muscles continuously while I'm jacking off. It get's me off pretty quick, however, I can't seem to get off in many other positions. Anyone have any other suggestions on how I can get away from this? Thanks in advance!
just relax. I used to do this, but once you stop and just relax, it feels so much better. It kind of feels like the orgasm is building up inside of you instead of how it normally feels. It's great! So again, just relax those muscles, it takes some practice, but it's so worth it

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