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Default I feel so alone.....

in the past few months it seems like everyone i thought i could count on has turned their backs on me and walked away. the people who helped me most the people who made my life worth living... are slowly disappearing..... a girl who was my best friend is now talkin shit about me right infront of me but quiet enough to wherei cant here, to another girl who i thought was my friend also.... then they both laugh.... and give me bad looks........ people dont talk to me when i need them most, even the ones who told me they will always be here for me................i feel so worthless i just wanna kill myself....... i used to cutt but i promised God i wouldnt do it anymore and im struggling so much becuz i want to do it so bad and even kill myself, idk what to do somebody somewhere out there... please help me

im sorry for all my senseless whining... i just dont know where to turn anymore... nobody at my school gives a damn about me anymore
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