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Originally Posted by donkeymkong View Post
Yeah, me to. I had a whole hour to myself before bed last night, and I used the WHOLE time
Yep, nothing like a bit of stop and go to make it last longer!

Originally Posted by RadioGuy View Post
Thats a bit strange! Haha I wish my parents were cool with it, i mean they could be, I just dont want to find out!
Haha, i don't think my mum would be cool with it, i have a feeling my dad knows. I have a mate who when his mum asks "Why was your door shut?", his answer is a man has his needs haha

Originally Posted by donkeymkong View Post
I don't even lock my door. Literally, the last time they came into my room was a couple weeks ago lol
I can't even shut my door, i have had some close calls in my time, but never been caught in the act!

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