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Default Re: I'm Getting Circumsized...

Well, I found what it is... Phewf... Thrush... I'm going to the doctor on Wednesday and I'm getting the necessary medication, and making the appointment with the hospital for my circumcision.

If your foreskin and penis head is red and inflamed, then there's a chance you may have thrush. The condition is caused by a harmless yeast-like fungus which occurs naturally in the vagina and is controlled by the presence of certain bacteria. This bacterial balance can be easily upset, however, by anything from antibiotics to stress or tight-fitting clothes. As a result the fungus multiplies, becomes infectious, and can be passed on through sex.

Remedy: Thrush can be easily treated with over-the-counter creams like Canestan. Applying natural yoghurt can also relieve the pain. Avoid sex until the infection has cleared.
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