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Talking Re: how bad is this?

In my opinion this isn't horrible, but it can come to a bad think.
In elementary school i had a friend who ate more than everyone but still looked like a twig, fast metabolism was the problem. When your body does not get any food, over time it will slowly lag down (like a computer).

What your should try is:
eat more in smaller amounts, your tummy is happier that way
Your body does not function properly until you have eaten breakfast, eat a small bowl of cereal, or some granola and yogurt, just to get everything working. when you get a little hungry eat a vegetable, it will be enough to calm down that stomach, but will digest normally and help health wise. And as ofending as this sounds: Don't east Kraft dinners, they are artificial and work on your stomach in a bad way, instead try to learn to make something.

That all i can really think of, i hope it helps
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