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Default dont use ritalin it is very bad

i suffer adhd and i am trying to tell u ritain does not work i was on it for about 2 months and the effects were wearing off i was a litle devil and my mum could not take it so they uped my does this went on for a year and i was on 80 mg a day i was 8 years old yes thats right 8 years old bye the end offf the day i was so doped up i couldn't walk i was tired and i was close to being depressed i was very down but fuck ritalin is what i say and my dr can fuck him self to but now im on concerta x i am the best but quess what they are taking me of it the one that doesn't get me beat up becuase i take tablets because i take 2 24hour tablets in the morning and they want to take me off and put me on a some liquid dose off fucking weed or some herbal crap just telling you if you have adhd take concerta x it is the best thank you
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