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Originally Posted by Activate View Post
Do you even know if this 'other girl' likes you?
This is an important fact...

But why do you need to love for a reason?? Maybe between you guys there aren't many things in common and stuff, but you still think about her, feel the ticklyish feeling and extremly nervous when you are around her and stuff...
If you guys don't have many interesting things to talk about , come up with something!! Just get pretty interesting topics to talk about, go get a coffee at Starbucks, sit with her and just talk... maybe go to the movies later and stuff... or vice versa, if you guys go to the movies first and then to get something to eat you guys can talk about the movie and stuff. These are just ideas to get a little more communication between you guys...
Try this a couple of times, go out with her, buy her cute stuff, doesn't need to be all expensive, also. Maybe she's just feeling that you don't love her enough and she isn't showing any love to you eather.
Stay cool about this... give it time to try and stuff. Don't think about other girls yet... only when you really feel that this relationship isn't going anywhere, I would say just finish it, stay a couple of weeks single (cause then it would look like if you did it just go get with the other girl, and it wouldn't be so pretty...) and maybe ask the other girl out if you think she likes you

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