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Default Re: Masterbading effects

Originally Posted by kazimkool View Post
hi..i want to know some answers..
well i am addicted to masturbading but i want to leave it. i mastubade 1-2 times everyday.... do i loose a lot of energy..i sm only 14 right now so will this afect a lot in my height and strength(bieng strong)

and if i masturbade but as the sperm is about to come out i stop and i fell it almost comming out of my penis but it it stll considered to be masterbading .i mean do i still loose me energy..ect?
No i dont think you loose that much energy masturbating,
No it will not affect your height and strength, masturbating is a natural thing.
yes that would be considered masturbating but when the semen comes out that is called an orgasm.
hope i helped.
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