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You guys wrote a whole bunch of stuff, and I am feeling a little too lazy to do the quote thing. As for the delusion/placebo effect idea, I have already considered that and you have just as much proof for that as I have for it being caused by God. I am not asking that you believe what I'm saying, only that you believe that this is what I believe. @obscene eyedeas: the last paragraph you wrote had some very good arguments compared to the rest of the stuff so I'll just pick on that. Where you said "It has been found that within this reality and this dimension" is the key phrase. God is not confined to this dimension considering the fact that he created it along with time itself. It's kind of like if this dimension was a line on a sheet of paper then God would be above and beyond the line and even the paper. As for what spirit is,— I think both of you guys have statements relating to this— I have no clue at all. I only know that is isn't matter but is able to interact with and become matter. @Death: I have two points to address with you. "That is a bad thing." Aren't you an atheist? What is a "bad thing," and who decides that it is bad? As for me being perfect, are you saying that I am not? How would you that I am not what I should be? Who decides what I should be? As for me doing your so called "bad things," sure I do things that I would consider to be bad, but I don't regret them because I am thankful for my sins because they remind me of God's sacrifice to take them away And your comment about me being loving was already answered in my previous post I am loving because it is my nature to be loving. Lastly,— I have already addressed this, so I don't know why you still bring it up— but I am not saying that matter can't be eternal. I am saying that in order for it to be eternal there must be a complete lack of activity, which there isn't.


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