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I do not believe that I was "born" as a bisexual. It is a part of my personality that has developed over time. No one is "born" hetrosexual, bisexual or homosexual. If we were then gays would find themselves ALWAYS to be only attracted to guys, lesbians would ALWAYS be only attracted to girls. It doesn't work that way.
can you prove that? science is currently developing proof that there are chemicals in your brain at BIRTH, that determine sexual orientation...
its the same as hair can be born platinum blonde, but youll still be a brunette when youre older...
when youre born, youre orientation is already tehre, it just may take a while to realize it

Originally Posted by ! coleyyy . View Post
yall; if he thinks hes not curious; and he knows hes bi
then hes not curious; hes bi.
lol. quit trying to tell him hes just curious ;]

But idk; sometimes telling your friends is going too far; unless you have known that you are bi for a while. because sometimes you do end up losing bi-ness =P
once again, you cant gain or lose may be a phase, but i would not call it losing bisexuality
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