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Post Start of a story. Let me know what you think of it.

Chp. 1: Getting her to say yes.

It all started on a cold Decmber morning. That was the day I met Lucy. December 1, 1941.

"Oop's pardon me," I said just as i would if I had bumped into any girl. My mother had tought me my manors well. "Oh, quite all right. Really it's my fault. I shouldn't have worn heels on a day like this. Indiana weather can be so harsh this time of year. I just slipped on this ice thats all." she responded with the voice of an angel, who's tones floated throurgh the air on that day like a eagle soars above the clouds. "Are you allright?" i asked. "Well, I may have wisted my ankle but i think i will be okay." "Let me buy you a cup of coffe, what do you say, Arnold's Dinner?"
I was one of Arnold's regular's. Everyday i came in after work, he was suprised to see me in so early on a Monday afternoon becuase nomally i run home first to feed my cat, but today i had a special friend with me. "Hey Tom, I wasn't expecting you to walk through that door so early!" Arnold, the classic dinner man, fat with a severly stained white apron bellowed out to me. "Well, I bumped into this lovely lady here and she twisted her ankle, what'd ya say bringin' us two cups of joe?" "I'll get Debbie right on it." "Thanks Arn!"
After bringing our coffe Debbie asked us if there was anything else she could do for us. after dissmissing her i said, "So, I never did catch your name."
"Lucy, Lucy Renyolds," said the beautiful blonde women sitting infront of me, "and you are?" "Tom, Tom Feilds, very nice to meet you, Lucy." There was a moment of silence between us where I couldn't help but think that she was the most beautiful girl, no women, i had ever seen. The silence was broken by the voice of the angel herself, "So do you live around here?" "Yes as a matter of fact I do. Just up the road on Kirkwood Avenune. Say, where do you live?" I responded. "Well I live on the other side of town with my parents," her wonderful voice rang out. "Then you'll be needing a ride home won't cha?" I was eager to get the idea in of sending more time with eachother, "I have a brandnew Cheverloet, and I give you a ride past that new auditorium that the university just put up." "Well i dont know, i mean we did just meet-" "Yes, but it's cold out and the busses theese days aren't reliable in cold weather, wont you please allow me to take you home?" I had to keep us together as long as possible. "I guess, besides it's not everyday I get to meet a handsome fella like you!" she responded as my heart skipped ten beats.
"You see, that there is the new auditorium, IU put it up so theycould host big musicals and such for the drama department. Everything is suppossed to be to of the line," I was trying to impress her with the knowledge I had of the new auditoium, it was the talk of all Bloomington. "Sounds fancy, boy I sure would like to see a play in that theater," she said almost to her self, almost dreamily. "Well, being the employee of the university that I am, i could get free tickets if you really are interested," I said loving the fact that I may be able to spend even more time with her. "Is that a proposal of a date, Mr Feilds?" she asked almost teasing me. "I suppose it is, Ms. Reynolds." "In that case i accept," she said as my heart skipped ten more beats. "We can go see "Land's End" it's being put on tommorow night by the theatre, what'd ya say?" I asked as I almost died in anticipation in the two seconds that had passed. "All right, sounds good, say what times does it start?" The entire two seconds that built up to that yes just about killed me. I couldn't belive it but what I hd was a cause of love at pretty much first sight.
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