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Originally Posted by jokoko View Post
@Death: I feel that most of the questions you asked can be answered by simply re-reading my posts and those of people who have replied to me.
Probably not the best way to try to refute someone. Personally, I would adress my individual points like I've done with you.

Originally Posted by somethingrandom View Post
First of, no, I'm not sure, but it doesn't matter because, as I stated, we still only have one to work with.(unless you invent an interspace-timetravel machine. I say go for it.) And for hopefully the last time, God was NOT created. He does not have a beginning. He is UNCAUSED. Yes, God does explain himself, but he is so vast that the more I learn, the more I realize my mind is not sufficient to grasp him, and I have learned more than most.
How can you know this when you have never seen or heard him or any evidence that confirms his existance? As I said, if the universe requires a creator despite the eternal nature of matter (which, like I've already said, makes scientific sense for it to alwasy exist), so does the concept of a god.

Originally Posted by somethingrandom View Post
P.S. I don't know if I have asked you, but what are your beliefs? Why do you believe them? I have gathered that you are atheist, but that's all I really know.
Well I'm an atheist, so I'm not going to have any religious beliefs, by definition.

Originally Posted by somethingrandom View Post
P.P.S. I just realized that I didn't answer your matter question. You are right that matter can not come from nothing, but is an all powerful, all knowing God nothing to you?
Then where did God come from? He would be matter that came from nowhere.

Originally Posted by somethingrandom View Post
He made it of himself.
What do you mean? If you're saying God created himself, then that's a paradox; he would have to exist in order to make himself exist - this is a problem loop that cannot be entered. Or have I misunderstood you?

Originally Posted by Donkey View Post
Perhaps the entire argument [the death penalty] can be summarised in just a sentence.

We kill people who kill people to show others that killing is wrong.
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