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Originally Posted by Blake1994 View Post

I refuse to answer to anyone about my personal beliefs. I am done with this thread.
Ummm, I am not trying to offend you, so please don't PM me any hate mail, but, if you meant what you said, what are you still doing on this thread?... besides upsetting people and not DISCUSSING your religion on a DISCUSSION forum about religion.

Originally Posted by Death View Post
Then why believe it?
I plan to talk more in-depth about that once I get a few other points out of the way so please be patient with me.

Originally Posted by Death View Post
We don't need to be. That's like saying that you see someone on the road covered with blood, obviously crushed by a car running over him. You didn't see it happen, but from the evidence, you know it did.
Actually no, you only can assume this because you already have previous confirmation of what someone looks like when run over with a car. We only have one universe to work with and no previous experience with the makings of universes. Though even then, this does not hold because you can't prove that some other cause doesn't have the same effect as the one previously observed.

Originally Posted by Death View Post
If God does not require a cause, then why does all the matter form which the universe is made up require a cause? You may as well have that as the first cause. But something powerful enough to create the universe with such ease cannot be simpler than its creation, so the thought of God not requiring a cause is no less illogical anyway.
It is not matter that I'm saying requires cause; It is activity that requires cause, though I do believe God created matter.
I have a question as well. Why would you assume that I am saying God is simple? Personally, I find him incomprehensible. Let me rephrase. What about God do you find simple?

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Thanks, and sorry for not reading the rules. I have always been one to skip the instruction manual.

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