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Originally Posted by jokoko View Post
I agree it is crazy and can't be proven
Then why believe it?

Originally Posted by jokoko View Post
but neither can any other theory about the beginning of the universe because we weren't there to see it.
We don't need to be. That's like saying that you see someone on the road covered with blood, obviously crushed by a car running over him. You didn't see it happen, but from the evidence, you know it did.

Originally Posted by jokoko View Post
God is not an event, and is the first cause. Nothing caused God to create, his creating-the-universe-ness was always there as a part of who God is. (sorry for the made up word, it was necessary considering we don't have an English equivalent.
If God does not require a cause, then why does all the matter form which the universe is made up require a cause? You may as well have that as the first cause. But something powerful enough to create the universe with such ease cannot be simpler than its creation, so the thought of God not requiring a cause is no less illogical anyway.

Originally Posted by Donkey View Post
Perhaps the entire argument [the death penalty] can be summarised in just a sentence.

We kill people who kill people to show others that killing is wrong.
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