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This is a very intresting topic, I enjoyed reading all of it!

It just so happens that I'm learing about global warming in Sciance calss right now.

global warming is a serious threat, by 2020 there will be an estimated increase of about 2.5 Degress Celcuis, and by 2050 5 Degrees Celcius. That doesn't seem like much but it is a huge difference as far as global warming is concerned. Whole countries will be flooded forever, and its our generation thats going to see it all happen, do you wan't to leave your kids with a world that is messed up?

recently i have learnt about deforestation of forests, the mass cutting down of trees means that less carbon dioxide is being used by the trees, so this also contributes to global warming.

global warming is real, its going to cause MEGA damage if we dont do anything about it now. If we dont act serously within the next few years, we're fucked.
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Ahem, nobody seems to have heard that using hemp for paper can save 4 billion trees a year.
For both posts, we actually grow more trees every year than we cut down. It wasn't always that way, but it is that way now. As hard as it is to believe, forest space in the US is currently increasing, not decreasing. If anyone is in doubt I'll find you an article later. I'm lazy about links.

Anyway, trees aren't the problem, and short of flat-out halting the emission of greenhouse gases, we won't see a large difference. So, it's gonna happen. Or, rather, it's going to continue until it become an unavoidable problem that MUST be attended to, rather than a public concern.

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