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Originally Posted by Death View Post
Would you be so kind as to quote something of mine that you dislike? I wouldn't mind reading it.

Originally Posted by Death View Post
And your reasoning (which you probably won't give)...
Originally Posted by Death View Post
*Facepalm*, you're in a fucking debate forum (RotW - "a place to debate"), for goodness sake. Unless you have reasoning, you shouldn't post here. I'm sick of telling you people.
Basically, you feel that everybody who posts here should be sucked into the debate and forced to justify what they believe in. You don't seem to want people to believe in what they believe and you want them to put forward some sort of argument, when they come here simply because it's a poll. In Blake's case:

Originally Posted by Blake1994 View Post
I have never tried to prove my religion is right. I've never ever thought that, and I'm not trying to bring anything to the table. I simply said my religion is Roman Catholic, because this thread was a survey thing from what I first saw. I admit I did not take the time to read through the miles of postings in this thread. I obviously did not realize this had become a debate thread. I have nothing to prove, and I'm not going to argue or debate my beliefs with anyone.
But people took it further which sparked the shitstorm of religious ignorance on one side and the intellectual logic shit on the other.

Originally Posted by Electric Nomad View Post
Yeah, you usually do that. One thinks this is a poll about what's that person religion is, when they post, they find people trying to debate them(in which they didn't came here for in the first place) - that's what ticks them off. It is just like what happened to Blake007.
Yeah, that was my point.
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