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Originally Posted by jokoko View Post
God did not begin but is the original cause of everything that ever did have a beginning.

You can find out more by reading the Summa Theologica I read an abridged version called the Summa of the Summa "summa" meaning highest in Latin, so Summa Summa would mean highest of the highest, a clever play on words by the guy who abridged it. Sorry for the rabbit trail. I'll stop.
That's so filler. God happened and then everything happened? It cannot be proposed that that's even possible. The Big Bang it is just a spacetime point of infinite density. We will never be able to prove your point is possible unless we make a God somehow that makes another universe somehow. It's all batshit crazy. There's no way you can prove that God is the beginning of everything. It's all based on theory.

You would of gotten along really well with this user named Ripplemangle, who's an apologetic.

I'm guessing you're catholic. You know Aquinas said that stupidity was a sin? You know that means all mentally challenged people are pretty much going to be swimming in a lake of flames - mainly for something they can't control? Also, he died before Darwin was ever born, so he didn't have a clue on what Natural Selection meant, which is another problem with Aquinas' Teleological Argument.

Taken from atheismwiki -
  1. Premise: every event has a cause.
  2. Premise: there can be no infinite regress.
  3. Premise: there exists some event e0.
  4. From (1) and (3), it follows that e0 has a cause e1, which in turn has a cause e2, and so on, in an infinite regress.
  5. From (2) we know that there can be no infinite regress, which contradicts (4).
  6. Therefore, at least one of the premises must be false.
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