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WOW, this thread progresses much faster than I expected. sorry for the delay.
Originally Posted by SilentDreamer View Post
Let me ask you a question, jokoko.

Do you find God as an infinite being or that he has been in human forms?
Please define infinite. like what about him would I be saying is or isn't infinite.

And as I assume was stated in my previous post, God took the form of Jesus who was a human.

I am not too sure that agreeing with God being "infinite" would mean a contradiction of him taking a human form, so I don't know if your sentence should be an either-or statement. Once again, depending on what you mean I could be wrong, so please restate your question in more detail.

P.S. What is your view? Please expound/explain as to why and any other info you think is relevant. I am very interested in hearing opinions.

As for the other guy who quoted me, (sorry I can't remember your username; I forgot to include your quote when writing this.) I believe the quote you stated is in reference to Thomas Aquinas (something about God being the "uncaused cause") That made NO sense to me when I first read it, but it was later explained to me. What I said is that nothing can come from nothing, What that quote says about God isn't that He came from nothing, it means that God did not "come" at all (yes, I realize the hidden meaning. Yes, I laughed about it.) It does not mean to say that God began from nothing. It means to say that God did not begin but is the original cause of everything that ever did have a beginning. You can find out more by reading the Summa Theologica I read an abridged version called the Summa of the Summa "summa" meaning highest in Latin, so Summa Summa would mean highest of the highest, a clever play on words by the guy who abridged it. Sorry for the rabbit trail. I'll stop.

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