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Default Re: How did you first find out you were gay or bi?

Originally Posted by blackout123123 View Post
Well, I think I realized I was bi during the 6th grade, when I met this AMAZINGLY attractive guy, at first I didn't know if it was really an attraction, but over the years I finally accepted it to myself.
Pretty much this...I was actually pretty terrified for a while about me being like one of the only kids in the school who hadn't ever gone out with a girl (which wasn't even true at all). Then I slowly started to realize the crush I'd had on this really good looking guy since 6th grade, and by 8th grade, I was completely obsessed with going out with him, knew I was gay, and didn't really care about getting a girlfriend any more. Still like the guy a lot. Don't know if he's bi or not, even though he kind of seems like I want to ask him out so bad...

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