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Default Re: Do you have OCD? Answers from another obsessive-compulsive

i have severe OCD.
i do everything in pretty much the number 32. [chew 32 bites]
say there's four things together. if i touch one, i have to touch the other 3.
i follow routines in the morning and evening. i CANT change them.
i have certain rituals i do for volleyball [like tying my shoe laces about 8 times, having "ah♥" on my shoes, the number 32 written on both of my wrists even though i wear the number 34 this year, etc.]
my room has to be a certain way.
i straighten things. A LOT.
i notice if something is different.
i have to brush my teeth right after i eat. every time.

and a ton more stuff. but i don't think you guys want to hear my problems.(:

fuck this shit.
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