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Originally Posted by Death View Post
Don't be stupid, you know damn well I've done nothing of the sort. If a religious person argues with me properly instead of just ignoring everything I say and actually adresses what I say, I'll be glad to debate with them. But obviously the guy who's been debating with me and the others hasn't done this.
The guy who you've been debating with recently hasn't, I know that. But it seems like you'd jump down any religious person's throat for simply being a theist.

Edit: Sorry, I missed out reading an entire page's worth of posts by you and Faris. I must have sounded random. I was referring to the Catholic guy you were debating with earlier.

Originally Posted by Death View Post
Exactly what I would like to know.
You come across as a very militant atheist. Basically this:

Originally Posted by Perseus View Post
Because all of these militant atheists give us a bad name. They always jump down people's throats. ... I don't violently question people.

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