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Originally Posted by Electric Nomad View Post
It's one of the things Muslim use against Christians(that Christians altered everything to suit their liking). That trinity thing does not make any sense. Plus, the trinity does not exists in the bible is one argument. And the Holy spirit is a complete post-christian concept made years after Christianity originally established.
Well, it suits their purposes, so I'm not surprised.

Originally Posted by Electric Nomad View Post
I will agree with Austine Cline of - I remember in one of his article said that if God truly exist, he should judge people's action towards one another and towards humanity - are they negative or positive or are they destructive or constructive, and on not how many times you chant his name or bow to him and stroke his ego.
In a way, this is like what my signature says, and I agree completely.

Originally Posted by Electric Nomad View Post
I have not the slightest idea, hombre.
Don't you? Why? This is your religion is it not?

Originally Posted by Donkey View Post
Perhaps the entire argument [the death penalty] can be summarised in just a sentence.

We kill people who kill people to show others that killing is wrong.
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