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Originally Posted by Death View Post
What makes Allah any different from, say, the Christian view of God?
There is nothing different between the Christian God, and the Muslim God. The only difference is that Islam believes that Allah is one God, not 3, but one.

Originally Posted by Death View Post
Is this what a good god should be saying? Why would an omnipotent being be bothered if people don't worship him given the lack of evidence?
From the Quran and from Hadith, we know that Allah has 99 contrasting qualities. Being Merciful, he is also Uncompassionate to the unbelievers.

It's the lack of believe in him, even after sending messengers to warn the people; people gave their backs on them, and telling them that God is just a myth or that god and prophet is false. He is testing their believes, without giving a direct evidence of his existence.
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