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Originally Posted by jokoko View Post
As for why I believe this, let me give it to you in parts. First, the reason I believe the world was created is because nothing can come out of nonexistence
The good ol' something can't come from nothing debate. Well, that's not what the big bang theory claims. Creationists just like to jump to conclusions and skim through things pretending they know that they're talking/debating about. John Dalton also said that "atoms can’t be created nor destroyed", so that means there has always been something, right? Also, something can come from nothing in the case of quantum physics and virtual particles.

I saw this somewhere on a blog a long time ago -
"Something uncaused = caused by nothing??
If God is uncaused = caused by nothing??"

(sarcasm) Oh, something can't be uncaused, except God. Only God and nothing else. (end sarcasm)

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