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Originally Posted by Blake1994 View Post
WRONG. I am not told to believe in anything. I believe what I believe because I CHOOSE TO BELIEVE IT. I have never tried to prove my religion is right. I've never ever thought that, and I'm not trying to bring anything to the table. I simply said my religion is Roman Catholic, because this thread was a survey thing from what I first saw. I admit I did not take the time to read through the miles of postings in this thread. I obviously did not realize this had become a debate thread. I have nothing to prove, and I'm not going to argue or debate my beliefs with anyone. I don't criticize you or anyone else for what you believe, so accept it.

This is a debate thread. THe discussion will go on without you as VT isn't all about you. Now if you choose not to accept criticism then please do not post in the debate thread.

Oh and back to the thread, I'm agnostic.

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