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Originally Posted by Blake1994 View Post
It's a big part of it. But I'm pretty happy with it. I'm not devout Catholic, but I am happy with my religion.
So you just believe in what you're told to believe without any other reasoning or questioning of the belief itself? What can you bring to the table to maybe prove your religion is true? I mean, this is a debate room, so I'm interested in any proof or evidence you have.

Really I'm sick of people just going in this thread saying, "I'm Atheist", "I'm Catholic", etc... and then getting bothered that they're being debated. Why would you even post in here in the first place? Do you not realize you're probably going to have someone debating and asking you questions?

Pardon me for not wanting this to be another pointless survey thread, but actually have it somewhat interesting or make people think, but then again I don't think in the slightest sense that I've made a single religious person here think. Why? Because they don't want to listen to anything that tackles their beliefs. They try to shut off anything that might harm their faith.

If you're not going to listen to the other sides of the debate you shouldn't be debating and if you're not going to have a point in your debate then that's just stupid.

End statement.

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