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Default Re: This girls. I'll use A and B as their names.

Originally Posted by megamikey59 View Post
Love? I don't believe in love. It's all bull shit. You can "love" somebody can have them "love" you back but I really doubt you'd truly love them. I've never really felt love by somebody I can actually touch and hear them speak. I've never even felt anything around like it's self. LOVE IS BULL SHIT! It's just what I think of it. And well, my step dad took me to lots of parties and well he abused me there. So, I guess it's a defence thing my mind set up for me. But why would she asked me to a party if she knew I didn't like them?
Okayy, just watch the movie 'The Notebook' and you'll see what true love is =]
Oh and sorry this thread is a bit old. I havent been around.
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