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Originally Posted by georgiamay View Post
I'm an atheist. I used to go to church with my step mum and her family, and I did the whole God thing, but after a while, I started to think for myself.

If there was a God, I don't think he'd create such a flawed species. Humans are so flawed, we continuously give in to temptation, we continuously look at others in a lustful way (no matter how much you deny it, everyone has), and that's not our fault, that's just our brain telling us that the person we're looking at has nice genetic material to create an offspring with.

I'm going to focus on Christianity here, but if God really made us in his image, why does he tell us not to do the things he's built us to naturally do?

Also, I find the catholic Church rather hypocritical. They say we should help the poor, feed the hungry and cloth the sick, and yet there's the pope, in that huge building next to the church that's worth millions. They're so rich, it's unbelievable. And yet, the vatican is filled with poor people begging for money so that they can feed themselves, but do they help them? No, they leave them to get the odd euro off a tourist.

I also think the whole concept of a "hell" is stupid. When you punish a child for stealing, you only punish them temporarily, so that they know never to do it again. So what's with eternal punishment? What is the point in it? We're already dead, so we're not learning anything from it, we're hardly going to do it again if we're already dead.

I also think religion was "founded" (I couldn't think of an appropriate word) by rich leaders who used it to manipulate and control the poor and less fortunate people;
"No, don't rise against us so you can have a good live, because God will reward you in the next life if you're good."

They're the only reasons that seem to spring to mind right now.
Great post. My thoughts on religion and shit are pretty much exactly the same as yours. I was also a good Christian (Catholic) until I reached 13 or so and stopped going to Church ever week and started thinking for myself. When you stop going to Church and stop being fed endless amounts of bullshit, contradictions and inaccuracies about 'God', I'd bet a lot of people would become Athiests.

Originally Posted by embers View Post
A place to debate and discuss your ideas. If you haven't noticed, this is a poll asking people what their beliefs are - not to justify them.
In case you haven't yet realised, the thread has evolved (O LOOK, EVOLUTION...) into one where people debate and justify shit. If you can't handle your beliefs being questioned, why state them in the first place?

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